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Rev Tony Adams
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: Rock Hill
India Hook 

3300 Mt Gallant Road 
Rock Hill, SC  29732
Office: 803-329-7787 
Fax: 803-325-1910

PM, SP 1994, PM 1997, FE 2002, SC: 1994 Kinards Charge, 1997 East Lancaster Charge, 2002 Belair, Fort Mill, 2008 Aynor, 2013 India Hook.  

Rev Tod Alexander
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: Lake Wylie
Good Samaritan 

245 S Church Street 
Spartanburg, SC  29306
Office: 864-585-4801 
Fax: 864-585-4961

OF/FL 2015, SC: 2015 Bethel, Spartanburg Associate  

Rev Barry Allen
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: York
Kings Mountain Chapel-St. Paul 

1125 Philbeck Road 
York, SC  29745
Office: 803-684-2493

SY, FL 2000, PE 2002, FE 2005, SC: 1999 Shiloh, 2002 Main Street-Pine Grove, McColl, 2006 First, Hemingway, 09/22/2007 Leave of Absence, 2011 Target-Gerizim (SY), 06/26/2013 Terminated Personal LOA, 2013 Elloree, 2017 Kings Mountain Chapel-St. Paul. 

Rev Susan Ashworth
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 Rock Hill District
St John's CC, Rock Hill 

6215 Coatbridge Lane 
Charlotte, NC  28212

OT 1977, FE 1983, SC: 1977 In School, 1978 Rollins Center. Emory University, 1981 Trinity-Enoree, 1984 Blacksburg-St. John, 1989 Central Associate, 1994 Cross Anchor, 1994 Chaplain, Converse College, 2002 East Lancaster Charge, 02/01/06 Incapacity Leave. 

Rev Josh Blackwelder
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: York

PO Box 376 
York, SC  29745
Office: 803-684-4100 
Fax: 803-684-0890

PE 2012, FE 2014, SC: 2012 Central, Florence Associate, 2016 Trinity, York. 

Rev Mike Burgess
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: Lancaster

1665 Zion Road 
Lancaster, SC  29720
Office: 803-285-3864

LP20 2012, FL 2013, SC: 2012 Not Appointed, 2013 Zion, Lancaster. 

Brandon Candee
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: Fort Mill

3053 Brookchase Blvd 
Fort Mill, SC  29707
Office: 606 569-5695

OE 2016. SC: 2016 New Church Start, Fort Mill(OE), 02/01/2017 Good Samaritan and Christ Walkers. 

Rev Mike Catoe
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: Lancaster
Camp Creek/Bethesda 

508 Woodvale Drive 
Rock Hill, SC  29730
Office: 803-285-8915

PL 2003, SC: 2003 New Zion-Shady Grove, Sharon, 2008 Camp Creek, 2011 Camp Creek-Bethesda.