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Rev Kevin Bishop
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 Spartanburg District
 Town: Enoree
Trinity/Enoree/Patterson Chapel 

2611 Hwy 92 
Enoree, SC  29335
Office: 864-969-2167


Alex Black
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 Greenville District
 Town: Gray Court
Gray Court 

503 Wilkie Road 
Woodruff, SC  29388


Rev Michael Black
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 Marion District
 Town: Longs
Honorable Location 

6206 Sumter Dr 
Myrtle Beach, SC  29572
Office: 843-903-4400

OT 1980, FE 1984, Honorable Location 1992, SC: 1980 In School, 1982 Wesley Memorial Associate, 1982 Bethune, 1984 Stephenson Memorial, 1985 Spartanburg Methodist College-Director of Public Information, 1987 LOA, 1992 Honorable Location, 10/15/2013 Ebenezer, Longs (HL/SY). 

Rev Joe Blackwelder
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 Spartanburg District
 Town: Spartanburg
Cannon's Camp Ground 

3450 Cannon's Campground Road 
Spartanburg, SC  29307
Office: 864-579-0881 
Fax: 864-579-0345

SP 1992, PM 1993, FE 1996 SC: 1992 Troy, 1996 Fews Chapel-Jackson Grove. 1999 Zion, 2005 Windsor, 2007 Trinity, Darlington, 2010 Kingstree, 2016 Cannon's Camp Ground.  

Rev Josh Blackwelder
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: York

P.O. Box 376 
York, SC  29745
Office: 803-684-4100 
Fax: 803-684-0890

PE 2012, FE 2014, SC: 2012 Central, Florence Associate, 2016 Trinity, York. 

Rev Butch Blackwell, Sr
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 Orangeburg District
 Town: Salley

332 Hollow Creek Road 
Salley, SC  29137
Office: 803-564-5550

SY, SC: 2012 Clinton, Salley. 

Tammy Blom
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 Columbia District
 Town: Columbia
Heyward Street 

2501 Heyward Street 
Columbia, SC  29205
Office: 803-771-4540

OF 2016, SC: 2016 Heyward Street, Columbia (1/2 time). 

Rev Megan Boatwright
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 Anderson District
 Town: Trinity/Anderson

Post Office Box 590 
Clemson, SC  29633
Office: 864-654-5547 
Fax: 864-654-6540

PE 2013, FE 2015, SC: 2013 Clemson UMC, Pastor of Spiritual Formation,