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Gwendolyn White
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 Hartsville District
 Town: Sumter
Mt Zion/Sumter 

306 Oswego Highway 
Sumter, SC  29150
Office: 803-436-2122

PL 2016. SC: 2016 Mt. Zion, Sumter. 

Rev Horace White
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 Spartanburg District
 Town: Spartanburg
Allen Chapel/Florence Chapel 

618 Andre Court 
Spartanburg , SC  29301
Office: 803-448-8048

PL 08/01/2002, FL 01/01/2003, PL 2011, SC: 08/01/2003 Rock Hill South, 2011 Spartanburg Parish. 

Rev Sara White
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 Columbia District
Windsor CC 

4908 Colonial Drive 
Columbia, SC  29203
Office: 803-786-9486

OT 1979, FE 1984, SC: 1979 In School, 1980 Jefferson Charge, 1982 Springfield Charge, 1986 Dunean, 1989 Mountain View-Slater, 1990 Bethel Associate, 1993 First-Isle of Palms, 2001 John Wesley, 2006 Rock Hill District Superintendent, 09/01/2012 Director of Congregational Development. 

Rev Sheri White
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 Walterboro District
 Town: Ruffin
Buckhead/Hickory Hill 

6587 Caddin Road 
Ravenel, SC  29470
Office: 843-564-3166 (google line)

SY 2010, PL 11-01/2011, SC: 2010 Mount Pleasant, Ruffin (SY), 2011 Mount Pleasant, Ruffin, 11/01/2011 Associate St. George Parish. 

Rev Tim Whited
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 Anderson District
 Town: Williamston

Post Office Box 460 
Williamston, SC  29697
Office: 864-847-9006 
Fax: cell # 864-985-9279

PL 2007, FL 2015, PE 2016, SC: 2007 Salem, 2015 Grace, Williamston. 

Rev Laura Whitt
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 Marion District
 Town: Surfside Beach
Surfside Beach 

1030 10th Avenue North 
Surfside Beach, SC  29575
Office: 843-238-2734 
Fax: 843-238-4455

PL 2009, FL 2015, SC: 2009 Bethel, West Greenville, 2015 Surfside Associate. 

Rev Carly Wicklund
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 Columbia District
 Town: Columbia
Shandon, Associate 

3407 Devine Street 
Columbia, SC  29205
Office: 803-256-8383 (ext.102)

PE 2014, FE 2016, SC: 2014 Associate, Shandon.  

Rev Charles Wilbanks
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 Columbia District
 Town: Blythewood
Beulah/Blythewood/Oak Grove 

8515 Winnsboro Road 
Blythewood, SC  29016
Office: 803-754-5972

PL 2012, SC: 2012 Upper Richland Charge.