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Rev. Diane Boyer
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 Greenville District
 Town: Fork Shoals

11 Bynum Street 
Greenville, SC  29605

PL 2010, SC: 2010 Lebanon, Fork Shoals. 

Marilyn Boyer
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 Greenville District
 Town: Greenville

307 Elizabeth Drive 
Greenville, SC  29615
Office: 864-430-8435

SY 2013, PL 2014, SC: 2013 Brandon  

Rev Dan Bradley
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 Greenwood District
 Town: Waterloo

122 Alice Page Road 
Waterloo, SC  29384
Office: 864-677-3551

OT 1971, FE 1975, RE 2011, SC: 1971 In School, 1973 Bailey Memorial-Sandy Springs, 1979 Abbeville-Grace-Bethel, 1983 Red Bank, 1989 Bethany-Zoar, 1997 Leesville, 2005 Mt. Holly, 2011 Retired. 

Ms Laurie Brandes
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 Columbia District
Asbury Memorial 

PO Box 50466 
Columbia, SC  29250
Office: 803-256-7394 
Fax: 803-212-4799

Minister of Christian Education, Epworth Memorial, Epworth Children's Home.  

Ms Carolyn Brashear
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 Anderson District

1809 North Main Street 
Anderson, SC  29621
Office: 864-224-2531 
Fax: 864-224-2532

Program Director, Director of Christian Education, Trinity, Anderson.  

Rev Amy Bratton
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 Anderson District
 Town: Belton
Union Grove 

1028 Cox Lake Road 
Belton, SC  29627

FL 2005, PE 2006, FE 2009, SC: 2005 Bethel-Ruhamah, 2009 Emma Gray, 2012 Union Grove.  

Laura Bratton
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 Greenville District
 Town: Greenville
Laurens Road 

212 Pimlico Road 
Greenville, SC  29607
Office: 864-235-0674

PE 2010, FE 2013, SC: 2010 Cleveland Clinic CPE, 2011 Laurens Road. 

Rev Scott Bratton
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 Columbia District
 Town: Columbia
Fair Lawn 

9203 Wilson Blvd. 
Columbia, SC  29203
Office: 803-754-2070 
Fax: 803-754-5462

PE 2007, FE 2010, SC: 2007 Trinity, Blythewood, Associate, 2012 Fair Lawn.