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Clergy Directory
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Rev Ebbie Abraham
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 Marion District
 Town: Bennettsville
Shiloh/Smyrna/St. Michael 

109 Forest Dr 
Bennettsville, SC  29512
Office: 843-992-5231

PL 1998, FL 2002, SC: 1998 St. Paul, 2001 Mars Bluff, 2008 Wesley, Florence, 2011 Bennettsville Parish.  

Rev Gary Adams
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 Florence District
 Town: Cades

508 Gilland Avenue 
Kingstree, SC  29556-3205

AM 1981, RA 1994, SC: 1973 Trio Charge, 1982 Indian Branch, 1984 Trio Charge, 1994 Retired, 1995 Mt. Vernon (RSY), 2004 Hebron (RSY), 2014 Bethesda, Cades (RSY).  

Rev Tony Adams
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 Rock Hill District
 Town: Rock Hill
India Hook 

3300 Mt. Gallant Rd. 
Rock Hill, SC  29732
Office: 803-329-7787 
Fax: 803-325-1910

PM, SP 1994, PM 1997, FE 2002, SC: 1994 Kinards Charge, 1997 East Lancaster Charge, 2002 Belair, Fort Mill, 2008 Aynor, 2013 India Hook.  

Rev Bruce Adams
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 Hartsville District
 Town: Chesterfield
St Paul 

305 West Main Street 
Chesterfield, SC  29709-1516
Office: 843-623-2034

FL 2003, PE 2004, FE 2008, SC: 2003 Bethel-Oak Grove-Sampit, 2007 Pamplico, 2012 St. Paul, Chesterfield. 

John Adams, III
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 Columbia District
 Town: Columbia
St Mark 

3200 Lyles Street 
Columbia, SC  29201
Office: 803-252-7297 

PL 2015, SC: 2015 St. Mark, Columbia. 

Rev Scott Adams
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 Charleston District
 Town: Summerville

303 Farrington Drive 
Summerville, SC  29485
Office: 843-875-2022

SY 10/08/2014, SC: 10/08/2014 Knightsville (SY). 

Rev Howard Addis
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 Greenville District
 Town: Greenville
Francis Asbury 

108 Lynchburg Drive 
Greenville, SC  29617
Office: 864-235-9622

OF 2002, PE 2006, FE 2008,RE 2012, SC: 2002 Salem, Greenville, 2007 Union Grove, 2012 Retired, 2013 Francis Asbury, Greenville (RSY).  

Rev Gene Aiken
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 Anderson District
 Town: Central
Mt. Zion/Central 

Post Office Box 186 
Central, SC  29630
Office: 864-639-2101

FL 2010, PE 2015, SC: 2010 Jackson, 2015 Mount Zion.